Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas decorating is about . . . pillows

Well, not really. But changing all, or even some, of the pillows throughout your house for Christmas can make it feel more festive. I use a lot of pillows throughout my house the whole year long. They just add so much to the overall decor, I think. And, I know I'm not the only one by a long shot. If you've watched any shows on HGTV, you know what I mean. If you search for pillows on Etsy, the results are overwhelming.

But, the pillow habit can be expensive.  And, I have a small house so have limited storage space.  While I would love to have a whole room devoted to storing pillows, that will never happen.  So, I've come up with several ways to change pillows without taking up much space, all without spending too much money.

In my bedroom, I don't change out all the pillows, just a couple.  The two pillows in front, the gold and red, are pillows I've added for Christmas.

I have also been pretty fortunate to find pillows on sale after Christmas and in the New Year that are extremely reduced in price, so I buy them then to use the next year.  Several of the pillows on my couch were bought after Christmas last year for less than $5.

But my most creative solution to saving money and space is to buy placemats to use as pillows.  Here are two pillows I created out of placemats which I bought very cheaply.

I also do that for my front porch pillows.  Both the back pillow and the middle pillow are placemats.  The square placemat came in a set of four at Home Goods for $6.99.  In addition to the pillow, I am using two of the placemats on my table.  The red placemat I bought on sale after Christmas last year for less than a dollar.  The gold pillow on my bed is also a placemat that I bought last year after Christmas.  I'll post exactly how I turn placemats into pillows in my next post.

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