Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY Brooch wedding cake topper

DIY brooch wedding cake topper made with vintage brooches

My niece wanted a brooch cake topper to match the bouquet I had made. Her cake is three layers - the top and bottom are square and the middle layer is round. So, I decided that I needed to make a round topper so the cake wouldn't look off balance.

I started with a 4" white styrofoam ball which I cut in half. This would be the base to which I would attach the brooches and earrings. The base of the topper was a 5" styrofoam round flat piece.

Because I wanted to maintain the integrity of the jewelry, I wanted to attach them to the base with floral wire. What I decided to do was to scoop out the inside of the half styrofoam piece (as if it were a watermelon). That way, I would be able to run the wires through the styrofoam and yet have them hidden from sight.

The next step was to attach lace to both styrofoam pieces. Some of it would be showing through the jewelry and the lace would help cover it. I glued the lace to the bottom of the pieces.

To wire the pieces of jewelry, I used white floral wire that I purchased from Walmart - each piece is 18" long. For the earrings, I wrapped a piece of the wire around one end once. For the brooches, I used one piece and wrapped it around each end. Then, I threaded both ends of the wire through the styrofoam where I wanted to place the piece of jewelry.

I started at the bottom of the base and worked up. That allowed me to cover up the white wire that was showing on some of the pieces. As I added each piece, I would twist the two wires together in the scooped out base and cut the wires.

I reinforced the wires on the scooped out base with glue and then attached the jewelry base to the flat base with glue. I finished it off with a red velvet ribbon. I'm hoping we can add the red velvet ribbon around the bottom of the cake layers.


  1. WOW!! gorgeous work and I LOVE your idea, just brilliant!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks Susie! It was a lot of work but a lot of fun!

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